Office Chairs For Big & Tall Office Workers

big and tall office chair
Most office chairs sold today are designed for people who weigh under 275 pounds. At many offices however, there are heavier people and taller than average people who are forced into using inappropriate chairs because no one realizes there are chairs designed for individuals who are up to 7′ tall and/or weigh up to 500 lbs.

big and tall office chair

The Big & Tall BTC16800 office chair is the ultimate in ergonomic comfort for office workers who are up to 7′ tall or weigh up to 500 lbs.

At $2,150.00, this chair cost more than the chairs sold at places like Office Max, Staples, and Walmart but it is well worth the money. First, chairs sold at office supply stores and department stores frequently last two years or so before breaking down. A good quality office chair will last an average of 10-12 years and when you pro-rate the cost, you will see the savings.

If you are an office manager — consider how much a less-than-productive employee costs. Uncomfortable employees can’t give their best to the company. Plus, it is a company’s obligation to provide employees a safe work environment no matter what their height or weight. Remember, injuries that can be attributed to poor office ergonomic setup can range from simple discomfort to disabling ailments that have to be remedied by a physician and/or surgery.


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