How Keep Your Hands Nimble and Prevent Injuries

Working all day at a computer is as hard on your hands as it is on your back. Doing hand exercises before starting work and periodically throughout the workday keeps your hands nimble and will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stretch your left arm out in front of you, keeping your palms forward and your fingers together and pointing towards the ceiling. With your right hand, gently pull your fingers backward towards your body, just until you feel the stretch in your palm. Repeat this exercise, holding out your right arm and stretch your fingers with your left hand.
Next, hold both your arms out in front on you, in the same position, with palms facing outward and your fingers together, pointing upward. Close your hand into a gentle fist and open. Splay your fingers as wide as possible, then close and repeat.
Now you need to work on your thumbs. Give yourself a “thumbs-up” and slowly rotate your in a circular motion five time. Switch directions and repeat. Do this with both hands to keep your thumbs as limber as your fingers.
While stretching and exercising your fingers is an important part of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, so is an ergonomically friendly workstation.

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