Correct Ergonomic Computer Adjustments

Correct Ergonomic Computer Adjustments


Many people spend all day working at their PC.  An ergonomic computer desk can reduce the stresses places on those who spend hours typing.  The best solution if to find something that can be adjusted to the height of the user.  People of different sizes need their keyboards and monitors positioned differently for maximum comfort.

You will want to position your monitor at the correct height to reduce the stress on the back of your neck.  The monitor should be elevated so that the top of the screen is near eye level.  The monitor should be tilted upwards at a slight angle, and should be about 20 inches in front of your face.  The monitor should not be placed off to the side.  It should be directly above the keyboard.  If it is off to the side, you will find that your neck will begin to hurt from keeping it twisted for long periods of time.

The position of the keyboard is important to prevent the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Without using a keyboard tray, most tables would keep the keyboard too high.  This means that your arms and wrists are elevated, and more stress is placed on them.  This is also true of the mouse position.  Ideally, it should be at the same height as the keyboard, allowing the user to hold their arms level to the ground.

There is such a thing as an ergonomic laptop desk.  This is designed to provide enough space to use your notebook computer at the correct height.  A regular workstation will not have enough space on the keyboard tray to operate a notebook.   Another solution is to use a separate keyboard and purchase a stand for your notebook that will allow it to sit on your workstation at the correct height.  A full size keyboard, particularly one that is shaped for comfort, is much easier on your wrists and hands that the notebook’s keyboard.

Perhaps the most innovative solution for your work space is a completely adjustable work space.  You can get a table whose height can be altered with a crank or pneumatic system.  This allows you to set the workstation for whoever is going to be using it that day, and even allows them to use it in either a sitting or a standing position, whichever is more preferable.

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