Being in Control of your Workspace Equipment

How you feel at the end of your work day depends greatly on how you’ve worked. You can go home with aches and pains from your daily routine without being part of the loading dock crew or other labor intensive job.

It’s sometimes hard to get sympathy for your aching arm, back or wrist when your job consists of jockeying a desk and keyboard all day. Truth is you’re just as susceptible to bodily injury as they guy lifting, moving and stacking boxes for a living.
The abusing repetitive movements of a “desk job” accumulate slowly and silently over time, usually surfacing once the damage occurs. This is especially true with neck and upper extremity disorders. If your career path is reached by the seat of your pants, workspace ergonomics plays an important part in the longevity you can expect in your chosen profession.
Most often it is an equipment or accessory solution that is most effective for a specific ergonomic correction. A graphics designer wrangles mostly with their mouse and video monitor placement to achieve a proper sitting and working posture. This person would benefit most from a flexible monitor arm and a swivel mouse platform to ease the positioning problem encountered doing constant cut and paste operations.

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