Follow the Methodologies of Surviving Sitting All Day

Do you sit all day long at your office? If yes, then you can avoid hampering your health by following these methodologies while working.

Place Your Foot on Floor

Note place your feet flat on floor or use a footrest. Avoid crossing legs because it causes posture-related problems.

Maintain Same Level of Eyes and Screen

Placing of monitor at an arm length and positioning screen in the front is a good job. To maintain a perfect level buy monitor stand, this will adjust the screen according to your requirement, if too high or too low. This will relax your neck!

Pick a Great Chair to Relax Your Back

Pick a comfortable ergonomics chairs for the office work and support the lower and upper back properly. Chair adjustments like change in height, position and inclinations can do much in reducing back strain. Placement of your knees slightly lower than the hips is perfect posture. A footrest if optional and depends on need.

Chair Adjustment

Prefer chair height adjustment so that, wrists and forearms remain straight with floor while using keyboard. This posture prevents from strain injuries. Place your elbows by the body and forming an L-shape, relaxes your arm.

Keyboard and Mouse

While typing keep keyboard in front and mouse close to it, make some space to rest your wrists during typing. Many people prefer the use of wrist rest while working on keyboard. Using mouse touchpad is good and gives a smoother flow.

Avoid Reflection on Screen

Choose glare free screen if possible! If too much reflection is becoming an issue then, do take care of the causes and try to avoid it during work. Many times, sunlight and light fixture become an issue, at that time use curtains and change the position of your screen by adjusting it to the lighting.

Work with Spectacles On

Bifocal specs users draw some problems while working on computer. Consulting a doctor is a good idea!

Choose all the things perfectly starting from comfortable office chairs to the pair of spectacle you wear. Be cautious about your sitting posture because it affects you a lot while working.


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